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Your Stories

We can speak at length about the work we do, the people we meet, and the importance of our donors and partners. But we love to hear from you! Please take some time to read messages of support from our participants, volunteers, donors, and community partners. And if you’d like to tell your story, please contact us at or submit your story here.
  • 85%
    of students
    improved their personal strengths such as classroom behaviour, coping skills, creativity, and community engagement after attending a Frontier College program
  • 86%
    of educators
    rate the Frontier College programs as very good-to-excellent and state that the programs have a positive impact on students
  • 85%
    of parents
    say their child reads more at home as a result of attending a Summer Literacy Camp
  • 79%
    of Volunteers
    describe their experience as very good-to-excellent
  • 89%
    of adult learners
    improve their personal strengths in 3 or more areas such as strengths at school, coping skills, and planning
  • 83%
    of Computer Skills learners
    passed the required tests to be certified
  • 92%
    of learners
    in the pre-apprenticeship program successfully completed the program and passed their exams
  • 80%
    of teachers and educators
    said they noticed positive differences in the behaviours, attitudes and school performance of students who attended summer literacy camp
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