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Canada has a rich and varied history, and Frontier College is an important part of our country’s story. Our alumni—staff, volunteers, and Labourer-Teachers—come from all parts of the country, all walks of life, and their experiences with Frontier College span decades. 

If you have worked with us in any capacity, we encourage you to send in your own Frontier College story. For more information or to reconnect with Frontier College, please contact

Jennifer Parker
Learning and Helping: My Frontier College Experience

I first heard of Frontier College through my brother who volunteered as a tutor for the College during his four years at Queen's University...

Fabien Torres
Collège frontière à Montréal

Je suis devenu bénévole à Collège Frontière dès ma première année au Québec, soit en 2006. 6 mois plus tard, j’étais déjà responsable d&rsq...

Cam Mackie
Frontier College, or Why I Love Railroads!

Hard Work and Low Pay” said the summer employment ad in the Manitoban, the U of Manitoba student newspaper. What kind of an organization expe...

Graeme Truelove
Summers of 2008 and 2009 in Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug

Say goodbye to pavement!I don’t know if the Wasaya airlines shuttle driver noticed the confused look on my face, but he didn’t elaborat...

Eric Robinson
Bert and Basic English

A memorable event of any early Frontier College instructor’s field posting was the briefing by Principal Edmund W. Bradwin. These were based ...

Rev. Peter Niblock
Frontier College Remembered

I first heard of Frontier College early in my studies at the University of Toronto; when hitchhiking my way to class, a station wagon bearing the n...

Mary Choy
Reflections on Personal Growth: Lessons from the North

For the past three summers I have been working as a Summer Camp Counsellor with the Lieutenant Governor's Aboriginal Summer Literacy Program. I...

Harjasprit Dhaliwal
A Memory from Twenty Years Ago

This is story of the most amazing summer I have ever spent. A summer that started off with tears of, “I can‟t wait til this is over”, b...

Peter Loebel
Meeting Joey: A Memory of Being a Frontier College Labourer‐Teacher in Newfoundland, 1951  

I became a social worker largely as a result of my experience as a Labourer‐Teacher with Frontier College in 1951. My interest in community develop...

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